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Need to Replace Lost Teeth? Here’s how Dental Implants Fill the Void


Over the last few decades, dental implants have revolutionized the world of dentistry, especially in the aspect of tooth or teeth replacements. Sometimes, having missing teeth can cause the face to project a collapsed appearance, making the person look a bit older than his actual age, which, in turn, could make him more reluctant to smile. Getting a replacement could present a more youthful appearance and an improved smile.
The concept of using implants in dentistry probably dates as far back as the Mayan civilization, but maybe due to the Mayans’ lack of access to contemporary equipment and facilities, they probably weren’t too successful. Today, implants consist of root replacements which serve as a durable foundation for the attached crown. It is designed to fit so naturally that it is quite difficult to tell which tooth is real and which isn’t.



Help from a San Diego Dentist Prevents Athletes’ Dental Worries

Additionally, it has been noted that saliva generated during intense physical activities, including exercising, may contribute to tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. With these increased risks, consulting with an experienced San Diego dentist should be made part of any athlete’s maintenance program, or anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Skilled Poway dentists from dental practices, such as A+ Family Dentistry, that serve the surrounding areas, as well, can help athletes with a dental maintenance program that keeps their dental health in top condition so they may train and play their optimal best. Many people pass up the opportunity to see their dentist until they feel pain. Waiting until trouble starts is not the best way to maintain one’s oral health. It’s important to get on a dental program so that any possible dental problems are identified and treated early on.