Poway Family Dental—Regular Dental Visits are Important for Your Child


Dentists aren’t the only ones responsible for the dental well-being of your child. You as a parent play an equally important role in your child’s preventive dental care by instilling in them good oral hygiene habits. Teach your youngsters to brush their teeth at least twice a day for two to three minutes and be strict about it. Also, help them understand why they need to visit the dentist’s office twice a year.

With the right preventive dentistry steps, it’s unlikely that your child will have serious oral health problems in the future. Take him to a Poway family dental office you can trust and get the preventive dental care that he or she needs today.



Dentist in Poway: Get to Know 3 Famous Names in Orthodontics History

You’ve seen children and adult alike wear them. At times, they can be sources of discomfort, but when they’ve done their job, they can be great confidence boosters. Not only do they make teeth look pretty and straight, they can also significantly increase its functionality. Commonly known as braces, these wonderful dental devices have benefitted millions of people all over the world.

Do you ever wonder what the story is behind the braces that an able Poway dentist installs on patients, though? Although teeth straightening has been practiced since ancient times, orthodontics did not exist as a science until 1880s. Along the way, many different inventors contributed to the braces you now know today. Here are three of the most prominent ones.

A Poway, CA Dentist Can Touch Up Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

A great-looking smile is important if you want to give a nice impression to people. Needless to say, you would want yourself and your family to be able to smile without being embarrassed. Excellent Poway family dental services can help you with this by using cosmetic dental techniques to fix what’s wrong with your teeth’s appearance. Here are a few of the procedures that cosmetic dentists often recommend to address dental aesthetic issues:

Teeth Whitening

Over time, an individual’s teeth can get stained or discolored as they are exposed to a variety of foods and drinks. Staining happens because as your teeth chew on food daily, microscopic cracks could develop on the enamel or surface of your teeth. These cracks are eventually filled up with dirt and debris, which contributes to the dull appearance of your teeth.

Regular Checkups with a Good Poway Dentist Can Help You Save Money

You may already know that having regular dental checkups with an experienced Poway dentist can greatly help with your dental health, but did you know that checkups can also help you save money? Although a dental checkup evaluates your oral health, many assume that it only covers your teeth. The truth is that it can cover a whole range of diseases that if caught early can be treated affordably and easily.

Early Detection of Diseases

Knowledgeable Poway dentists like Dr. Justene Doan, DDS of A+ Family Dentistry often start a dental exam by checking your head and neck first. This focuses on your facial and neck area, as well as your lymph nodes and your lower jaw joints. Checks in these areas can show whether you have developed oral cancer or TMJ disorder, both of which can be treated if caught early.

Starting San Diego Dentist Visits Early to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Adults know how to take care of their own teeth. Children, on the other hand, need guidance. This direction is best given starting at a young age. It’s a good thing that many parents are intent on doing so. In many cases, though, they don’t know what to do.

Kids Health features a good guide for parents who want the best for their children’s dental health. Below are some highlights:

It starts with…

Taking care of your child’s dental health starts even before the first tooth emerges. The teeth are already there; you just don’t see them yet. Obviously, there’s no teaching in this stage yet. What you can do is gentle wiping of your baby’s gums daily using a clean, damp washcloth.

Ask Your San Diego Dentist about Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

What makes dental implants a good solution for replacing lost teeth? What are they, anyway? The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) answers basic questions about dental implants. Take a look below.

What are dental implants?
They are basically substitute roots to address missing teeth. They act as anchors for replacements.

Can I be a candidate?
Anyone can get implants, from children to adults. Have you lost teeth from decay, disease, or injury? Dental implants may be the right solution for you, especially if it’s not practical for you to wear removable dentures. A good San Diego dentist will refer to your dental and medical history for evaluation.